Copywriting consultation

 Copywriting consultation

If you’re about to launch or refresh a website (and you’re based in and around North Yorkshire).


Before you go and spend a bucket load of cash on new web design or spend hours battling with a web template, have you ever thought: maybe it’s the content that’s just not doing it for you anymore?

You may not even need a brand new website - you might just need to make your existing one work that little bit harder.

Maybe it just needs a tickle there, a tweak here and a few changes over there (websites need attention like that).

So, what’s this copywriting consultation all about?

Instead of you reading through countless blog posts on ‘How to do XYZ’, I’ll come to your place of work and in half a day we’ll have you on the right track.


We’ll go through everything on your website, see how it’s performing and talk about what you actually want it to do.

Then comes the best part:

  • I’ll give you ACTION points for you to improve the website

  • I’ll give you HINTS and TIPS on how to write more engaging and focused content

  • We’ll discuss how you can move things around or change the layout of the pages, which may help customers get to where you want them to be

  • We can also go through SEO optimisation and how you could make it better

  • Plus all sorts of PERSONALISED suggestions to make your existing content work for you

Price: £250

Includes: 3-hour, in-person consultation at your office (you must be based in and around North & East Yorkshire), personalised summary report with action points, hints and tips, and 1 hour of support via email or phone afterwards.

You’ll be directed through to an online calendar where you can select the date you’d like. Afterwards, I’ll send you an email with more details on our consultation and how you can pay.